Monday, October 11, 2010

Haiti Mission Trip Recap - Misc Stuff I forgot

Thursday, July 14, 2010
Hotel room

Misc. Stuff I forgot

Wednesday (yesterday) the Haitian nurses from a relief organization did vaccines out at the church.  I think they were Tetnus/Diptheria shots.  Each person had a little green immunization card to be filled out.  Everyone was gathered behind the kitchen so I went to see what was going on. Some of the kids tried to bring me over to get a green card and get vaccinated.  They were very adamant about it. I did my best to communicate that I already had a "green card" and had my shots before I came.  It was very cute.

When we arrive at church in the morning, the little boys who don't go to school wait and yell "Fi! Fi!" ("Girls! Girls!") when we come around the corner because they are so excited to see us.

There is a small river/creek that goes along the main road into town that is used as the community washing area. We go past every morning around 8am and see groups of women washing clothes and sometimes dishes. Every morning so far I mean to take a picture, but I keep forgetting! When we drive back around 5pm, there are still people there but in the evening it is mostly people bathing! It ensures that pretty much every day we see some naked Haitians. Oh, and they also wash their cars and motorbikes at the river too. I tried my best to get a picture today of the people working/washing in the river without getting too much nakedness.

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