Thursday, October 21, 2010

Haiti Mission Recap - Thursday, Part 2

Thursday, July 15, 2010
Jacmel, Haiti - hotel room

This afternoon I helped some of the teenagers practice their English lesson for this week. "How many children do you have?", "What is your profession?"  The kids lunch was REALLY late. The second group (older kids) didn't eat until around 3:30pm - it was supposed to be 2pm.

One nice thing from today was that Gary came to check in while I was doing the dishes this morning and I said, "I'm still changing the world one dish at a time!" He laughed and thanked me for having a servant's heart. That was cool.

Before we left, I talked for awhile to Reggie and he asked me what I did today.  Reggie is a "high school" student and is one of the primary translators we are working with here. His English is really good and he is super helpful and fun to talk to.


When I told him I worked in the kitchen, he laughed and looked sorry for me.  The men (teens and up) don't seem to think much of the cooking jobs.  They stop in and get food and chat, but I haven't seen any men do any work related to cooking, serving or clearing the food. (Other than Jean-Marie, who walks around with a stick during lunch to discipline the kids who are messing around too much.)

We stayed around church for awhile while Ben (Music pastor who was part of our team) led a church worship training for the church's worship team. 

Music ministry meeting

I spent time with Jennifer and some of the high school girls on the porch again this afternoon just talking. 

It has been really hazy here today.  The sun was out this morning but it got overcast by lunchtime.  The bugs were worse today because of it.  My sinuses are struggling a bit with the air here.  Since they burn their garbage and it is very dusty, the air is never "clean".  I took some OTC cold meds this morning to clear up the headache and sinus pressure.  There is an upper respiratory thing going around here (3 people from the team have it), so hopefully I won't get that!

There is probably more, but I can't think of anything else for now.

Mwen renmen ou - I love you
schat - cat
chen (schii) - dog
bet (bevf) - cow

Oh yes, I cannot forget to mention DJ JOSEY SOUND! That is one of the funniest things from here so far.  There is a small cargo truck (like an ice cream truck sort of) that belongs to DJ JOSEY SOUND. It is loaded up with audio equipment and is so loud that when it actually shakes our hotel when it drives by.  Apparently people can pay to have advertisements announced over the sound system, we heard a political one this morning, and when they aren't advertising, they just play super loud Haitian "house" music. I mean, ridiculously loud. And it drives around the streets like an ice cream truck. You can hear it coming from a long way away.

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